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Facebook features - interesting to see that Facebook removed the new feature ‘request a name change for your page’.

B&T have just released the list of Australia’s Top 100 most desirable brands.  Out of the top 30 desirable brands, only 7 have switched over to the new timeline.

Facebook’s ‘Interests’, check-in API, animation on tabs, mobile comments

Facebook now allows users to add their interests to lists, and then and follow collections of pages, subscriptions or friends, in a move similar to Twitter lists, but more clearly, Google+ Circles. Facebook has had an option for lists since 2007, but most of its users haven’t used the feature. With Facebook now promoting celebrity-curated lists, they’re clearly pushing the features, like they did with Questions early last year.

In the first sign of the results of their acquisition of Gowalla, Facebook also wants to become the backbone of your location data through updated APIs that will let the locations sent from other apps live as a layer on your Timeline. Check-in services will be able to pull your friend’s check-ins – from other services, perhaps – and therefore create more chance of meetups. Nice.

In an update to pages, brands can now have animations and video that play on apps and tabs without the user initiating it, a departure from pre-Timeline policy. With an animation already playing, it should be easier for brands to drive engagement.

On the mobile front, Facebook app users can now like or comment with a single click from their News Feed in the new design.

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Facebook Timeline for Brands - Demo

New Facebook Timeline Pages

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New Facebook Timeline for Pages

On March 31, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. 

There are quite a few pages that have already taken on the new look and feel - Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Red Bull,  Xbox, Ford Mustang, Nike, Burberry and many more.  

The cover photo can be especially powerful for its ability to display logos, products or personalities. The timeline itself showcases brands’ unique stories and identities. Facebook is also introducing some handy new admin capabilities, including the ability to sticky selected pieces of content for seven days.

Custom Tabs:

Your custom tabs will still be there.  They are available under the header.  The new facebook custom tabs/canvas pages will now stretch the full width of the page - 850 pixels wide, up from the old 520 pixel width. The old tabs will be centered in the new canvas frame leaving a white boarder around the sides.

Admin Functions:

When you visit the page as an admin user, you will notice that the notifications, recent likes and Insights appear at the top of the page.  This is not visable to your likers, just admins.

Page administrators have new options at their fingers too. An admin panel hides or expands on command, meaning you don’t have to navigate to a separate page to make changes, updates or improvements. The panel includes notifications of activity on your Page and chart-based performance data. Best of all, you can now respond directly to private messages without added hassles or obstacles, a feature also directly accessible from the admin panel.

Interesting addition - you can easily request to change your name which was often hard to do.

More than any other facet of the new design, the timeline itself is especially effective at conveying those identities. The timeline of Livestrong’s Page that Mashable was shown began with photos of Lance Armstrong bed-ridden with cancer — powerful stuff. Manchester United‘s timeline points to its rich history, with the first entry dating back to 1878. Brands can also call out specific milestones — a first sale, major acquisition or debut of a hit product, for example — by starring them so they appear double-wide. That exists with personal Timeline profiles already, but can wield special force for brands.

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