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Energy Australia Rebrands


Established in 1995, TRUEnergy is one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, servicing over 2.7 million customers. In March of 2011 they announced that they would be purchasing the retail operation ofEnergyAustralia, a state-owned company that manages the electricity network assets (poles, wires, and substations) which, in turn, have been transformed into a new company called Ausgrid. In August, EnergyAustralia unveiled a new logo that will serve to transition TRUenergy into the name — for now the only place showing the new logo is here with both companies still operating their own websites, probably doing a slow transition into the change. The logo and national advertising campaign were created by Leo Burnett Sydney.

How one brand turned an annoyance into a utility: The Watermark project

Angry Birds continues to dominate: Activity Park by Lappset

Newly redesign Pinterest profile design goes live.

blog by: The Next Web

Pinterest has rolled out its first significant makeover since gaining popular attention in a move that sees it streamline the look of profile pages on the service.

The redesign had been anticipated for some time, with a number of media outletsincluding CNN speculating over possible changes — and the site has now rolled a more streamlined look. Elements previously position on the side of the page have been moved to the top to give photos and content greater prominence.

With Facebook continuing its rollout of Timeline and Twitter having revamped its service — albeit to mixed reviews — Pinterest is doing its own rearranging to help users connect with each other and content more freely.

Indeed, the new layout bears more than just a passing resemblance to Facebook’s new profile pages, as you can see from a screenshot of The Next Web’s Pinterest page.

The changes come right after Pinterest hit a notable milestone indicating that it is becoming more mainstream, despite being invite-only. A 21 percent growth in traffic in February saw it rank among the top 30 websites in the US for the first time, according to Hitwise Experian.

The site’s popularity has surged over the last year, with statistics showing that itstraffic grew by more than 6,000 percent over the final six months of 2011, turning it into a service to rival Facebook, Twitter and other established social networks.

There are numerous examples which show that Pinterest is becoming a key driver of traffic across the Web. We’ve seen and heard reports that Pinterest gives more traffic than Twitter and serves more referrals than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined, yet it is not rivaling the competition in the traditional sense as other services are benefiting from it directly.

A report this week suggested that Facebook, Google and YouTube — which are very much part of the Internet’s establishment — are the ones that are gaining the most from the service, despite it being a threat to their respective services.

Pinterest’s incredible growth led comScore to declare it the fastest standalone site to reach 10 million monthly users in the US. However, impressive though it is that Pinterest hit the landmark in just nine months, those with longer memories will recall that Formspring reached the figure at an even faster rate…only to fade away.

To capitalise on its popularity and continue to grow, Pinterest is said to be close to launching mobile apps. With the first step of its redesign now out of the bag, it seems that we can expect further developments very soon.

Our own Brad McCarty recently penned his thoughts on why Pinterest is growing so fast, what do you put its massive growth down to?

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Evolution of the Universal Logo - the logos through time for the 100th Anniversary

Angry Birds Launches First Fully Branded Game ‘The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio’

The relationship between Wonderful Pistachios and Rovio’s Angry Birds entered a new level Thursday with the launch of The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio, the first fully branded Angry Birds game.

The game, which rolled out Thursday morning on, requires a Chrome browser and functions much like the standard Angry Birds games except that the birds are used to crack open pistachios as well as destroy pigs. Though Rovio partnered with 20th Century Fox for Angry Birds Rio in January, a Rovio rep says that in the case of Rio, characters from the movie were integrated into the game. In contrast, Golden Pistachio is the first game conceived from inception with the advertiser in mind.

Users will also get the chance to win a total of $300,000 in prizes, which range from free pistachios and Angry Birds plush toys to $25,000 cash. Those prizes will be offered through Dec. 31.

This is the second collaboration between Wonderful Pistachios and Angry Birds. The latter were featured in a September ad for Wonderful’s 2 year-old “Get Crackin’” campaign as well (see below).

The game is the latest twist to that campaign, which has featured surprising cameos by the Winklevoss twins, and Snooki and the Keyboard Cat, among others. Rovio, meanwhile, has been exploiting Angry Birds‘s success in every possible way, including with a planned TV show, movie and, most recently, a cookbook.

By Mashable.

Why do people play games?  

Every three months Principals ask Australians what they’re up to online.
They track how they connect, what they buy and what they do on The Digital Pulse Dashboard.

Gaming: has a near universal appeal

Why do people play games?

Who is playing?

What type of games do they play?

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Social Media Trend to Emerge in 2012

Branded Content

The smart brands have been at this for the last couple of years but it will really speed up in 2012 as businesses seek to create meaningful content to engage consumers across their social profiles and their own properties.

The masters of branded content are Red Bull but you don’t have to be a large international brand to get involved in 2012. Branded content comes in many forms but video, audio, graphics, blogs and games will come to the fore as brands offer the consumer something more meaningful than competitions and promotions.

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The Song Company Season 2012 - Going Deeper

Agency: Principals - Art Direction and Design by Emil Makkar, Creative Director Simon Wright, Account Manager Robyn Smart.

Photography: Ali Nasseri

We recently produced the Song Company 2012 Season brochure called Going Deeper.  We commissioned Ali Nasseri to take a series of under water shots for the new season brochure.  Here is a snapshot of some of the great photography done by Ali.

Find out more about the Song Company here.