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Rovio released the official story behind Angry Birds Space.

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A series of 8 different food products translated to iPhone app icons

7 Hot Apps to Watch at SXSW 2012

1. Highlight

What it does: After users connect their Facebook profiles, iOS app Highlight will automatically push their basic information to other people who use the app. Users can choose to make their information accessible to either everyone or friends of friends. Either way, the app only makes the connection if the two parties have something in common. It facilitates serendipitous networking.

What it’s doing at SXSW: Basking in the glow after being named the favorite. Last year, Robert Scoblepegged Highlight as the next “hottest thing at SXSW,” and several other bloggers have since crowned it such.

2. Pixable

What it does: Pixable isn’t a photo-sharing app, it’s a photo-consuming app. It sorts images from your Facebook and Twitter feeds into piles such as “Top of the Day,” “New on Twitter” and “New Profile Pics,” making them easy to view and interact with.

What it’s doing at SXSW: During the conference, Pixable will add a special SXSW category to its app that pulls Twitter and Instagram photos with the #SXSW hashtag. It will also have photo feeds for each day, the most popular photos at SXSW and photos from “influencers.”

3. Localmind

What it does: Localmind is a location-based Q&A platform. It lets users ask questions related to specific locations to other users who are actually at those locations.

What it’s doing at SXSW: The startup used Eventbrite’s API and public listings to put SXSW parties in its database. Conference attendees can use the service to ping each other with questions such as “how’s the line over there?” or “is that party worth going to?”

4. Sonar

What it does: Sonar uses Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook data to tell you who is nearby and how you’re connected. Because it uses data from public posts on social media, its scope extends further than its userbase. It can show you, for instance, which friends you have in common with other people in the room — even if those people don’t also use Sonar.

What it’s doing at SXSW: An Android app beta, which it launched Monday.

5. Zaarly and TaskRabbit

What they do: Both services are location-based, mobile marketplaces. You can use them to find people who will run your errands — quite a useful trick when you’re frantically running between panels and parties.

What they’re doing at SXSW: Zaarly is hosting a party with Startup Weekend Friday and Twilio.TaskRabbit is hosting a “park,” which will include a range of activities, like BBQ, cocktails, fried snacks and a pop-a-shot tournament.

6. Banjo

What it does: Banjo connects to your Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Gowalla accounts and sends you a push notification when any of your friends are nearby. Users can set a specific radius to qualify as “nearby” and pause notifications.

What it’s doing at SXSW: Competing in the SXSW Accelerator in the social media and social networking technologies category.

7. Forecast

What it does: The Android and iPhone app asks users make “Forecasts” — what they plan to do at a specific time. Those Forecasts are broadcast to their friends, and can serve as informal invitations to join. Friends can accept them by clicking a “me too” button, and when they arrive, can check in the same way they would on Foursquare.

What it’s doing at SXSW: Competing in the SXSW Accelerator mobile category.

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